Wednesday, September 13, 2006


There's so much rave about Zoe's most recent ad in the market, and I really don't understand why do people have so much to talk about on the tagline of the ad...sigh...the price for being a celebrity? I bet, if I said that, nobody would even bother... *grin*

But hey, here's a rant I read on the Catalogue Magazine today...and it's simply hilarious that I can't help but must share... of course don't let your imagination run loose ok... remember to smile demurely if you read this in the office and if you must laugh out loud please do reserve that laughter when you are at home... but for now... hahaha hohohoho hehehehe kekekeke I just can't help it... it's just so funny....
Sorry if you can't read it's the excerpt of the funniest part...

"I agree. There's absolutely nothing suggestive about Zoe saying she swallows. And seriously, which self-respecting copywriter would create a tagline that would - god forbid - attract attention, anyway? In fact, I've come up with a list of equally non-suggestive taglines various businesses might want to consider using should they ever hire a celebrity spokesperson as pure and winsome as our beloved Zoe. Check it out:

Good service campaign - "I go all the way"
Scalp massage - "I give good head"
Picture framing - "I like them hung"
Hairdressing salon - "I blow, you go"
Financial planning - "I'm easy...with money"
Building construction - "Quality erections guaranteed"
Courier service - "I come on cue"
Garden landscaping - "I've got a lovely bush"

Remember, kiddos - we're a conservative society with strong Asian values. Get your mind out of the gutter."

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