Thursday, August 10, 2006

We've Survived the Great Ocean Road Ride

Phew.... it's been 4 days and finally we are back at Elaine's place this evening... it's been a most thrilling and out of this world experience to be travelling on the Great Ocean Road... almost get motion sickness while travelling the very windy and curvy roads... it took us 6 hrs to travel from Elaine's place to reach Apollo Bay stopped for a night...then another 6 hrs to travel from Port Campbell up to Daylesford... stopped for 2 nights and finally another 2 hrs to reach Elaine's place

We were poof... deadbeat after that long travelling...can't believe we've survived it all! tee hee...

Thank God for granting us journey mercies all throughout...

Stay tuned yah...will try to post the pix... sooooo many think I'll go bonkers putting them together... ;P

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