Saturday, August 05, 2006

We Are In Melbourne!!!

After 7-8hrs of flight we have survived the ordeal of the long tiring flight... but finding our way to Elaine's place was quite an adventure... hehe we were lost TWICE!!!

FINALLY!!! am now sitting here at Elaine's dining room typing away... and chatting with them at the same time...

Ooooh!!! It's so nice and COOOOOOOLLLLDDDD here! *shivering*

(promise to post some pictures later...)

Credit goes to Elaine, who lends me her notebook for me to blog this... ;)


Mommy Loli said...

How i wish i can go on holidays like you!

enjoy ur trip! :)

Mama Bliss said...

THANK YOU Claire... long time no hear from you...

you can holiday too...need some planning and arrangements... ;)

Mommy Loli said...

i wish... but NO TIME. :(
with a bb in tow now, it is no longer a simple fare... can't go as I wish.:(

enjoy your holidays! post more pics here...for me to drool!:)