Sunday, August 20, 2006

New Barebone PC

Finally my PC has call it a day for good... after the past 'painful' 1-2mths, it has breathe its last... it KONKED off on me!~!~ arrgghhh... pc boot up error everytime I switch on the pc, rebooting by itself when I'm half-way through typing/surfing... sigh... ENOUGH! it says... so it went on a permanent strike on its owner (that's me)...

Thank goodness that Steven, found this wonderful replacement for me...teehehehe... the MSI Barebone PC... it's as its name suggests... real barebone... it's a rather cute-sy small sized 'puter... just nice and good for me... save lots of space too

It is, according to my darling, better than his self-assembled pc in terms of specs... *beaming away*
Here's its Cool Features
- Intel Duo Core (latest technology – fastest)
- DDR II Memmory (latest technology – fastest)
- SATA II , 200G Hardisk (latest technology - fastest)
- Built in card reader
- Built in WIFI
- USB 2
- Very quiet and suitable for bedroom
- Small and nice, white colour matches my furniture in my study room

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