Friday, August 18, 2006

Montessori - Lesson 1

Montessori's New Education

Dr Montessori advocated that a “New Education” is necessary to nurture a new generation of “fulfilled and well-balanced” adults and that is the key to the problems faced by the world.

She envisioned a “New Education” that focuses on nurturing the child with sound methods of instruction and education which is based on the right assumptions and understanding of children as well as the role of an adult

a) It is important to understand that the child “has his own potential for life” and

b) Adults must aim to diminish their “egocentric and authoritarian attitude towards the child and adopt a passive attitude in order to aid in his development” ie. adults should recognizing their role as a secondary one that facilitates learning rather than seeing children as “empty being for whom everything must be done” which inevitably would diminish the child’s personality.

Fundamental to the “New Education” is the understanding that:

a) A child creates the adult;
b) A child’s learning capacity is basically different from that of an adult
c) The child has unrealized potential
d) The child has an absorbent mind and a sensitive period

Based on the premises of the New Education, Dr Montessori adopted scientific approach to observe children and developed the Montessori Method which aims to develop the whole personality of a child through motor, sensory and intellectual activities.


Elaine said...

Thanks for posting this! Got lots to learn!

Mama Bliss said...

Hi Elaine, not a prob...I'll progressively update on my lessons learnt about Montessori... hopefully it's of some use to you ;)