Wednesday, July 12, 2006

We are heading Downunder!~!~!

YES!!! It's been confirmed, our air tickets are booked and...

It'll be a 9-day trip all within Melbourne... a free & easy trip, visiting friends, places of interests and perhaps some shopping? (*hint hint* Steven)... we've dropped the idea of going Sydney, as there's just too many places, too much things we want to do in Melbourne... so Sydney, we see you next time!

A discussion came up last evening on whether to bring Tim along or not... after much deliberation, we still feel we should just leave him here as it's winter in Australia right now, and Tim is only 6-mths old, we don't want him to catch a chill or something and have more repercussions after the trip... so *sob sob*...we'll have to leave him in the care of his very capable auntie (my sis-in-law)... he'll definitely be missed dearly... sigh...

ooooh! the excitement is building up and I simply can't contain it... hiaks!~

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