Thursday, July 06, 2006

Fun, Purposeful Play

Have been faithfully reading the "Learning Fundamentals" book and discovered that a lot of things/activities in the book are what we have done or are currently doing... it's interesting how everyday interactions/deliberate efforts to communicate/play with our son is helping him learn...

Here's to share with you some of the things we've done...hope it inspires you as well... ;)

Since Tim was born, these were the things that we’ve done

- Played soothing music such as Baroque and other instrumentals throughout the day, softly in the background
- According to the book, playing music for your baby from the very beginning lays down a variety of musical pathways in the brain, it also helps develop rhythmic coordination. This subsequently helps develop the ability to read and write
- I’ve also played fairytales on audio CDs for him during the day

- I massage Timothy after bath everyday, just gentle stroking
- Rocking (well most parents would have done this).

- Doing flash cards

And more recently we’ve tried these to stimulate his senses

- put an orange/apple on his mouth and let him lick it

- Allowing him to touch the different texture of our clothes (eg. Jeans, Cotton shirt, T-shirt etc)
- Tactile – touching, feeling is particularly important in the first year

- Continued with flash cards
- Morning walks along the estate at his nanny’s, to see the trees, flowers, plants, birds, other people in the neighbourhood and telling him what/who they are…
- Let him watch “Help Your Baby Read” VCD and other children’s video

Introducing books
- Started reading the children’s bible to Timothy since he was 1 month old and more recently I’m able to sit him on my lap and read to him, allowing him to see the colourful pictures on the book too
- According to the book – It’s very important to get the baby used to the idea that books are fun and the best way of doing this is by making the whole reading experience positive. As you read to your baby:
o Hold and cuddle him
o Provide an atmosphere of warmth and security
o Give him our undivided attention
o Have fun with words, rhymes and pictures
o Encourage him to feel emotions and imagine things beyond his experience

Here’s another activity which we’ve been doing with Timothy as well –
Was trying to teach Tim on counting, here’s what I usually do as we climb up the stairs to our car, while carrying Tim, I’ll count the steps out loud to him and I say it in a very excited voice “Lets count the steps on the stairs…1-2-3…” and as we go up or down the stairs I allowed him to feel the rhythm of the movements up/down (done more deliberately)

Alrighty, have fun and I'll share more as I go along... ;)


B@bYh|r0Sh| said...

hmm... usually when i try to read a book to hiroshi, he usually want to snatch it away to Bite or Lick it... does timothy does the same?!?

Mama Bliss said...

ooh Hiro is a curious and probably a tactile baby ;)

that being the case, you may want to do story telling with some simple prop instead of reading him the book... I've learnt that in the story telling workshop I've attended. You could either create your own story that last no more than 2-3mins or you may get a story from the story book but tell it to Hiro without the book instead just use the props... give it a try?

So far I haven't had any probs with reading to Tim as I sit him on my lap, he'll stare very intensely at the book fascinated by the colourful pictures of the book... while his hands would touch the book as well...