Saturday, July 29, 2006

Baby Power

I'm not sure, but one thing I've discovered after having Timothy, is that babies have the power to draw people closer... I've noticed a lot more of my neighbours initiated small talks with us as we wait for the lift at the lift lobby... suddenly we live in a world without strangers...*grin*

When we bring Tim to my parents' or my in-laws', the atmosphere seemed a lot livelier, he tends to trigger more conversations, more laughter, more amusement... well, I'm really glad that babies have such power... cos they are simply delightful!!! ;)

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crazymommy said...

Yes, they sure have this power! Before having Nikita, I can't seem to find anyone to talk to (sad but true)... With her around, people are friendlier and they will make small talks with me... Some even invite us to have playdates with their children!