Friday, June 23, 2006

Hooray - Happy Happy Holiday!~!~!~

YAAY!~!~!~ Finally! We're flying down under for a holiday this August!!! I'm getting soooooooooooooooooooooo EXCITED!

It's been 2 years since we last went away... didn't get to go for honeymoon last year, so this is a make up trip for us...tee hehe

Thank God for Elaine, who's so generously opened her place for us to bunk-in when we are visiting...

Did some preliminary 'homework' already -
Season - End Winter
Airtix -
1) MAS S$460/per pax;
2) BA/QF S$760/per pax;
3) Domestic Flight-Virgin Blue S$95/per pax
Hotel Rates - approx S$138 - S$180/nite

Places we plan to visit -
Melbourne :
1) Yarra Valley
2) St Kilda
3) The Great Ocean Road
4) Queen Victoria Market
5) Fitzroy
6) Richmond/Lygon Street
7) Bourke Street
8) Williamstown - Maritime Village

Sydney :
1) Blue Mt + River ride
2) Paddington Wkend Mkt
3) Manly Beach + Bondi Beach
4) Hunter Valley?

These are just some of the preliminary plans, if anyone of you have better ideas/know of more exotic places to go, please, please, please share with me ok... I've been to Sydney 2x and quite honestly *YAWN* am quite bored of the places I've been to already... but, but, of course this time it's with my darling, it'll definitely be a different experience!

ok! AUSTRALIA here I come!!!


Elaine said...

Pauline. Your IT in Melbourne seems a little too pack for 4-5 days. The city itself has changed a lot so 1 whole day by itself there (can inc Vic Mkt) but i dont think u can include Fitzroy, Lygon St, Richmond or even St Kilda. If you wanna go to The Great Ocean Rd, it's better to stay 1 or 2 nights and travel / explore the region there. would u be renting a car to get around? let me know.

klllim5 said...

wow! great holiday plans you've got!
how i wish i can go Auz too!

For melbourne, don't forget to visit CROWN casino.
Enjoy the fire display happening very hour during winter just outside the building ;)

In the city, if you love vietnamese food, go to MEKONG. its at Swanston St.
They serve delicious vietnamese food there! But its usually quite packed during lunch / dinner hour.

For budget hotel stays, try YWCA
its just round the corner of Victoria Market.
Clean, safe and family-oriented hotel. Good service too.
You can book online with them.

If you have time, maybe you can book a day tour to Philip Island to see little penguins :P. But it can get really cold during winter. Bring thick clothings!

Mama Bliss said...

hello Elaine, thanks so much for your tip... on second thoughts, both Steven and I felt that we should just focus on Melbourne... so it'll most likely be a 10-day tour in Mel... yeah! we'll definitely be renting a car for this trip... ;)

hi hi Jo, thanks soooo much for your idea... yeah! sounds really great...we'll definitely love to explore the Philip Island and the Crown casino!!! YAAY YAAY YAAY