Saturday, May 20, 2006

Random Pix of The Week

Amusement Time...
Sleepy moments....ssshhh....zzzzz in progress

Our happy baby...

Growing Timothy.... notice how he's grown... hehehe

My Darling, Timothy... he's getting more adorable... *grin*


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Chanced across your blog from a link of another blog( can't remember which one now...heh). Think ur son is really cute and are from Wesley right? Actually, I think we were in the same PMC class.When was ur wedding? And I am now a new mom too :-) My son just turned 8 mths old.

Glad to have met u on blogosphere... :-)


Mama Bliss said...

hi hi Wendy, yes, I'm from Wesley... oh we were in the same PMC? gosh...what a coincidence... weddy was last May 7th... hehe just celebrated my 1st wedding anniversary recently... ;)
Congrats to your newborn!!!
you have a blog that I could visit? would like to put a face to a name... hehehe and can say hi to you when we meet in church too ;)

Anonymous said...

hehe...and to you too :) And a belated happy anniversary to u too!Our wedding was in Jan and Matthew was born in Sept :-)
Well..this mummy has been procrastinating and hence no blog till now..Which service do u normally attend? We attend the 9.30 one at the sanctuary. Hmm...perhaps we can e-mail if u are keen and I could send u a photo then.


Mama Bliss said...

oh wow...sounds like you've got Matthew quite immediately after your wedding...just like I had Timothy *grin*

no blog yet? ok, try to start one soon... u'll enjoy blogging cos it's quite addictive actually ;P

I usually attend the 730am svc but occasionally I'll go for the 930am P&P depends on whether i'm able to pull myself out of bed on time. I'll hang around church till 1130am most of the time cos my hb is serving in the CM... yeah, send me an email at lah... ;)