Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

Was at the movies 2 Fridays ago, with ALL my colleagues... it was a day out for us at the GV Gold Class... nice luxurious seats with food being served to us (maciam we were onboard SQ's first class cabin hehehe)... we had a day-off last year too to watch a movie at GV Gold... nice boss we have ;) this is to reward us for all the hardwork we've put in for the Company...

Anyways, this time we chose to watch the most talked about "The Da Vinci Code"(DVC)... well good for me cos I didn't read the book at all, spare me from reading the thick novel. Then again, being a Christian, so much talks and discussion were given to the century's most talked about novel... even without reading the book I came to know the complete story... amazing isn't it - power of the media and word-of-mouth?

The author must be the happiest man on earth...for writing a book that EVERYBODY is talking about...and he must be laughing all the way to the bank as well... having his book circulated in 150 countries and translated into various languages...and now even a movie is made after the mustn't under estimate the power of DVC...

The movie spurred me to dig deeper to find out what is fact and what is fiction...cos DVC has definitely blurred the line between fact and fiction... I'm glad that even though this book has stirred so much controversies, God has indeed turn an event that is perceived to have cast a bad light on Christianity into something positive (well at least that's how I view it). It has created an opportunity for people who are curious to want to find out more, thus, shed light of the truth to more people. God is ultimately sovereign and definitely the one who will have the last laugh!

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