Saturday, April 22, 2006

Ethan's Big 1


It's Ethan's 1st birthday today... but where's the birthday boy? hehehe... *paiseh* these aunties and uncle, arrived late and the birthday boy was deadbeat due to a long day's of entertaining that he needs to hit the sack... ;P

Cyndi has been so busy running around entertaining guests and to ensure that the party runs through smoothly that she too was beaten out... poor mama Cyndi... but she sure has given the 'Fruit of the Spirit' another good reason to gather together once again... I'm happy we had this opp to 'ketchup' with each's been a while (loooong while I think... it was since my wedding last year, we last met in a group like this).

T'was really great to see everyone once again, alas, we missed Rina... she was there earlier...hope to meet her soon before she delivers her little princess this June... our children (Cyndi & myself) now have another new friend...tee hehehe...

It's interesting and amazing how God made each of our paths cross with each other and how each of us touch/affect one another one way or another... I'm really happy to have met all these dear sisters-in-Christ...

Here's a pix of us taken when we first met in Church in the baptism & membership class (notice how different many of us looked then...tee hehe)

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