Friday, March 24, 2006

Windows of the Soul II

I feel this burden in my heart when I learn of my niece's grief, pain and struggles during this time when my sis-in-law is facing the biggest test in her life...

The first attempt to re-attach the retina back in place failed as the gas couldn't hold it properly...and a second operation has just been performed this week... this was a serious blow to everybody in the family... we felt helpless as all we could offer to her was prayers and words of concern at this time...

And once again, my prayer will be that God will grant her complete healing, restore her sight and ease her pain (physical, emotional and mental)...

So here's my encouragement to my niece and my sis-in-law...
Life's uncertainty may grief us and catch us unaware but we have hope as long as our faith and trust is in our Heavenly Father. Keep our focus on Him for He is faithful & merciful.

Here's an excerpt of my devotion the other day to share -
"Anticipating what God has in store for us can put a smile in our heart. Hope gives us poise and lets us live with inner strength, because we know that one day we will be dramatically different than we are now... live today with the courage God gives you. Make what you can of your afflictions. But rejoice, because all these pain are but temporary, it will be gone sooner rather than later...."

"Lord, give us grace to trust You when
Life's burdens seem too much to bear;
Dispel the darkness with new hope
And help us rise above despair"

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