Thursday, March 16, 2006

His Needs Her Needs...

HIS NEEDS HER NEEDS (Building an affair-proof marriage)

Just finished reading this book that was given by a dear friend...actually am a little guilty as this book was given to me as a wedding pressie... I haven't touched it till recently (sorry! Constance)...

I just have a few comments about this book...

It's simply fantastic! With the divorce rate going rampant in our society these days... we really ought to take a more active role in getting ourselves prepared to prevent our marriage from going that route.

Here's an excerpt from the book which I think it's so true -
"Our society's failure to train people in meeting the needs of others - especially the needs of a marriage partner - has caused much of our high divorce long as we fail to see marriage as a complex relationship that requires special training and abilities to meet the needs of a member of the opposite sex, we will continue to see a discouraging and devastating divorce rate..."

"Few experiences match falling in love. But many couples fail to realize that love needs constant nurture and takes hard work and a willingness to learn new skills, but when you've done this, you will have mastered one of life's most valuable lessons..."

There are 10 basic needs of men and women, however, both gender places emphasis on different needs.

Here're the 5 most important needs to a woman -
1) Affection
2) Conversation
3) Honesty & Openness
4) Financial Support
5) Family Commitment

Here're the 5 most important needs to a man -
1) Sexual Fulfillment
2) Recreational Companionship
3) Physical Attractiveness of his wife
4) Domestic Support
5) Admiration from his wife

Lets strive to avoid an affair and divorce by trying to meet each others needs in a marriage...


Anonymous said...

Thank u for recommending this book. Will check it out. Indeed it's not easy to keep romance alive in a marriage, esp when kids come along. Good luck to you!

Mum of 4

Mama Bliss said...

Hi Mum of 4, you're so right, it's hard to have couple time especially with also trying to adjust to this change... trying my best to keep the fire between my hb and me burning... it's no easy task, but I guess I still have to try...