Friday, March 10, 2006

Fellowship (Fei Lou Ship)

Noel and Jenny...our new friends from church... wonderful couple who have so much passion and love in the work that they are doing...Noel runs Sanctuary House, a non-profit organisation that was set up purely for the love of helping others... here are some stuff that Sanctuary House do
* Successful Family Coaching
* Crisis Pregnancy and Infant Care Services
* Post-Adoption Coaching
* Parent Support Group

Last evening we were invited to their place for dinner...and we were very impressed by how their children behave and how confident their children are... and they got me all interested in Homeschooling as well as the work that both Noel and Jenny are doing at the Sanctuary House.

We are so glad to have met this couple through the "Parenting with Confidence" workshop (they were our facilitators) and have befriended this couple... who share the same values as us when it comes to parenting and serving God...and we are getting extremely excited about the work that Sanctuary House is involve in... we are so looking forward to volunteer our service to the Sanctuary House... =)

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