Wednesday, February 01, 2006


After the whole time of anxieties, worries, fears and tears... my baby, Timothy is already one month old! Time flies...looking back, all the challenges and rough ride was well worth it... afterall, we all learn better and are trained to be stronger with challenges... ;)

I'm especially grateful to our Heavenly Father for seeing us (my husband, my son and myself) through the ordeal of the initial rough ride... and I'm also thankful to all my friends who so readily put themselves on standby to help me - this novice mother.

Special thanks to -
Laura who offered me many lactation tips.
Amanda who gave me loads of valuable info on confinement and care giving to Timothy.
Doreen, Cyndi, Daphne who extended a lot of support and help during my first month of handling Timothy.
Also not forgetting my Sisters-in-Christ who offered me prayer support all this time.

Just look at how my baby has grown over the past 4 weeks... hehehe... without all that help it'd have been very hard... it's indeed great to be surrounded by so many friends who are mothers (young ones especially)... tee hee...

First Hour in this world...

Timothy's first week in this world...

Timothy at 1 month old...

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