Saturday, October 08, 2005

Do I Look Like I'm In Bliss....

....of course I am in complete bliss... and I attribute that to God's loving kindness and mercies towards me.

Life has never been the same... after I've taken a closer walk with our Lord... and He's shown me the steps to take in order to find the Mr Right.

God's will is made perfect in us as long as we obey and trust Him to give us the best always...

I once had a very colourful life, it was a real adventure… (what I would term as roller-coaster ride), however it is not without putting up with tremendous fights, disappointments and setbacks… I guess it was all well worth the ride even though it was painful sometimes.

Strangely, it was the pain that I suffered from the consequence of many bad choices that redirected my life. It was through the pain that helped me to see life more clearly, and caused my relationship with God to grow closer.

One thing that came clear to me as I took time to seek God, to know His ways and to wait upon His direction... was that there are no shortcuts in life because shortcuts usually lead to dead ends. Likewise in our search for the ideal mate. We first need to make sure our expectations of our mate are aligned with God’s Word. We must press past invitations that take us off our course. We'd need to follow the guidelines on what to look for in a mate and how to recognize whom God has planned for us.

I will share more of the guidelines that I've followed in my search of the ideal mate sometime later... hopefully it'll be a source of inspiration to you as well...

While I'm in complete bliss, life still isn't a bed of roses but I've learned to bask in God's love and trust in His provision to my needs... both in good times and bad... I know we have a good God and His love endures forever, amen!

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